We are a Montreal based telecommunication company offering high speed Internet, digital telephony and HD Television services. We aim for excellence and stellar customer satisfaction.

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Premium Phone from Vodalink Telecom

Get premium options for you home phone and stay connected everywhere and anytime with our features.

Vodalink Home Phone
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Digital telephony (VoIP)

VoIP is the new standard of the telephony industry. Using digital telephony gives you the freedom to experience high-quality calls while enjoying a wide variety of phone features that a traditional line cannot give you.

The Vodalink Advantage

Vodalink is a leader in the development of the VoIP technology. Our telephone services are of the highest quality in the industry and are compatible with other services such as alarm systems, fax machines and intercom door openers (apartment doorbells).

Ringo Max City Package

The Ringo Max City package unlimited calls to various cities in the province of Quebec and Ontario: Montreal, Quebec (city of), Sherbrooke (city of), Monteregie, Laval, Repentigny, Toroton (GTA) and Ottawa.

Phone adaptors

  • Depending on your set-up you may need a Vodalink phone adaptor. Please consult the online store to find the one you require.

Upgrading or downgradings speeds/packages

  • The cost of upgrading or downgradings speeds is $35 +tax. for upload or download or any type of package modification.

Shipping fees

  • Shipping fees may cost between 0 and 15$ per item depending on your location.

Virtual numbers

  • If you wish to have a phone number from a specific country to receive calls, ask a quote from one of our representatives.

Extra phone jack Installation

  • Tech visit: 40$.
  • Extra phone jack: 35$

FREE Smartphone application

  • Download ‘Ringo Max’ in your Android and Apple smartphones to use your home phone package through your smartphone anywhere in the world.

Switch to Vodalink Long Distance, and Vodalink becomes your dedicated long distance provider or Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) on your current home phone line. The switch process is seamless. You will not be required to do anything, just get ready to save! When you decide to switch to Vodalink, your order triggers a request to your local home phone service provider. Your local home phone service provider will then make the change to your account, switching your long distance services to Vodalink Communications. Once Vodalink Long Distance is active on your phone line, all of the long distance calls you make, whether domestic or international, will be routed directly through Vodalink and billed by Vodalink at the best rates.

GrandStream HT701 (Purchase)

The HT701 analog telephone adapter (ATA) allows users to create a high-quality and manageable IP telephony solution for individual analog phones in a home or office application. The product features 1 FXS port and 1 10/100Mbps port to extend VoIP services to an analog phone.