The future of telecommunications is here

We are a Montreal based telecommunication company offering high speed Internet, digital telephony and HD Television services. We aim for excellence and stellar customer satisfaction.

High Speed Internet

We guarantee high speed Internet access at any time thanks to our expertise in network management.

Digital telephony

Vodalink's digital telephony has stood the test of time. Today it is among the best VoIP systems offering top quality phone calls.

HD Television

With over 150 high definition quality channels, Vodalink’s IPTV is the ideal addition to your service package.

Smartphone apps

We offer the opportunity to speak all over the world with our free mobile apps. VPana is now available on Android and Apple.

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Why choose Vodalink?

Vodalink is dedicated to offer a unique and sophisticated technology that goes beyond basics. Satisfaction, innovation and excellence are the three pillars in which we have built our business model.

Free voicemail and caller ID

Along with our digital telephony package, you will receive voicemail, caller ID, conference calling and many more options at no extra charge! Ask one of our representatives for the entire list or options.

Unlimited calls to Quebec and Ontario

That’s right! Our most basic package includes unlimited calls to many sectors or Quebec and Ontario. Ask one of our representatives for the list of cities included in this package.

Free RingoMax

Travel a lot? We’ve got you covered. No need for any additional cellphone plans when travelling because you can now enjoy your home phone package on the go and make international calls from your cell phone at no extra charge!

Customer service excellence

Need some technical help? Not a problem, give us a call at 1-855-396-2867 and speak with one of our representatives!

Unlimited and high speed Fiber Optic

Reliability and stability merges into one with our Fiber Optic network. Enjoy watching videos, downloading documents, gaming and much more all at once on the same network!

Free Vpana app

It’s finally here! Merge all of your services and more in this app! Make and receive calls, text messages, video calls and more using the new Vpana app! Not in your country? Not a problem! Connect to Wifi and enjoy speaking with friends and family from abroad at no extra fee!